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2005 Meeting points of interest


So all went well at the 2005 meeting, not many of us, but we got some ideas across the table. We have appointed a new club position; John Young was elected as the new Public Relations person for the group. A Public relations person is devoted to serving particular interests by presenting them to the public in the most favorable light. He will be looking into youth groups, fairs & festivals, and working with small local papers and such to get our word out there!


We all need to work together on recruiting more members. There was some talk about having more fun as a group, meeting after the weigh off for dinner and a small meeting. Having more than one weigh off or display in VT with club members at the location so we may further promote what we do to the general public. There was a discussion about a summer BBQ also.


 We did bring up raising dues, I guess that is not going to happen at this time though, we need to work on building a more established club. Raising money for the club, another issue addressed. This may be put into effect more next season 2006, a seed raffle or auction.

Club laws are being written and researched also. There will have specific rules written about the type of condition an entry must be in. One rule we would like to stick to is if we give out seeds in VT lets make them club members! So let’s get the paperwork done and the $5 dues before we give out our seeds! You may download a copy from the VGVGA site to print out at any time.


Points were brought to our attention about the fact that we do not have much coverage at fairs and such outside of Chittenden County. If you attend a fair representing the group please take action to report the results of your entries back to the VGVGA. This web address is fine to use for these things. Please feel free to give suggestions at any point to this e-mail address, they will be directed to the appropriate person.


Thank you!

Erin Doe “Doeski”


Ps…. A great place to check out fairs & Festivals in our area!

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