2010 Winter Meeting


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The 2009-10 VGVGA winter meeting was held Saturday February 13, 2010 at the Days Inn in Barre, VT.   Following are the "unofficial" minutes. 

    We had 18 members attend.  

1) First order of business was club finances.   We currently have $7376 in our banking accounts, we roughly need about $3100 a year to run the club (On-line seed auction ~$200, Newsletter ~$100, Seed exchange ~$150, Winter meeting ~$200, GPC registration $300, Website ~$150, Summer BBQ ~$150, Weigh-off at Mazza's $1850).   So we are solvent for awhile, as long as the on-line seed auction continues we'll be ok, but there are more and more seed auctions such that it may start cutting into our success.  

2) We currently have 44 members.  Membership dues are currently only $10, this doesn't even cover the cost of newsletters, seed exchange and the website so it was decided that in 2011 the dues would be raised to $15.

3) Since we are a non-profit by charter we are suppose to spend all monies that we raise, so we need to spend some money, currently the club accounts are under Kevin Companion's SS# and we need to figure out how to change this so interest and dividends are not report as income for Kevin.   We discussed (and decided) to buy VGVGA jackets for any club member that has grown and weighed a pumpkin over 1000 lbs at an official weigh-off (Kevin and John will work on).   Patches for 100 lb increments will also be awarded.   There was also talk of awarding T-shirts to everyone entering a pumpkin at our VGVGA weigh-off (possibly with a Sam Mazza's Farmstand logo)   We also talked about buying our own scale but it is probably more work than it's worth.

4)  By-laws, we now follow GPC rules so we will just reference their by-laws from now on.  Hence any member, in state or not is eligble for prize money.  By joining the GPC ($300 annual dues) we get plaques and ribbons among other things.
5)  2010 events.   Not sure yet whether we'll do the Home Depot thing again, maybe (John to investigate further).   CV Fair 8/27, 10/09 Weigh-off, 10/10 Regatta.   Summer BBQ will be at Dick and Ann Squires place in Jericho, date TBD (probably early August).
6)  Committees.   John Young has been taking on more and more, he estimated that he spent some where around 700 hours last year on club events, mainly the regatta and the on-line seed auction.  So he will be looking to other members to help out more with these events and maybe form some committes to divide up the work such that it's not such a big job.  Any volunteers contact John.
7)  The meeting concluded with a nice 2009 wrap up power point put together by Danielle Hull.   BTW, they are expecting in June - congrats! 

   After the meeting we had a seed give away by drawing names out of a hat.   And a great Q and A on how-to-do, etc.   Very informative.  Followed by a nice soup and sandwhich luncheon.   Thanks everyone who attended and participated.

Let us know if there are any events or updates you would like to share with fellow members.

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