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VGVGA Rules and Regulations

2010 (to be updated at the winter mtg)

Article I

Weigh-off sites and club/group


1. Club/group representative and site coordinator are to be in charge of the gathering of registration money, weights, measurements, and other information deemed necessary by VGVGA.


2. The site coordinator is primarily responsible to confirm all members have filled out member forms and paid dues before we accept entries for the weigh off. New members will be accepted the day of the weigh-off for an $10 membership fee.


3.  Site coordinators, club/group representatives, and site representatives are to work as a team to ensure each site is as accommodating to the growers, and the site is also upholding the values of fair competition.

A. All weigh-offs are open to Vermont VGVGA members (members living in Vermont only)  wishing to participate without prejudice. All growers must comply with all rules and regulations set forth at the weigh-offsite they wish to participate in. Only VT growers will be eligible for prize money or trophys.

B. The above-mentioned representatives will also assume responsibility of ensuring the integrity of the fruits and that scales have been calibrated by a recognized weights and measurement prior to the weigh-off.


Article II

Fruits and Growers


1.        The entry must be grown, cared for, and exhibited by the grower. In case of an emergency the site coordinator, club/grower representative, and site representative will make a decision on the validity of the excuse. An exhibitor may only enter one specimen per class. Only two specimens per fixed residence will count for the top ten averages for one weigh-off site.


A.      A fixed residence will be defined as any two people that grow compatibly at a single address or household, i.e.: husband/wife, father/son, two friends, etc.

B.   Both growers must still adhere to Article I, section 11 paragraphs A and Article II Section 1 for multiple residence entries to be deemed official.

2.    A specimen must be entered and weighed at one of the VGVGA to be eligible for VGVGA prize money and recognition.

3.   Judges for a weigh-off will consist of the VGVGA club/grower representative.  If any member that is to be a “judge” has an entry that is in question or cannot be present the day of the weigh-off they will be excused from the judges panel and another grower will be appointed in their place.

4.   All specimens that will be submitted to the VGVGA for prize money and recognition must be weighed on a certified scale with only the fruit. Any fruit weighed with a tarp, pallet, or any other lifting device will be classified unofficial weight or UOW.

5.   Vines must be trimmed to within one inch of the stem of the fruit. The judges have the right to inspect any and all fruit before weights and measurements become official. Refusal of any inspection to an entry will cause the entry to be classified exhibition only.

6.   The specimen must be sound, healthy, and undamaged. Entries must be free of rot, holes or cracks through to the cavity, and serious soft spots.

      A.  If a soft spot is superficial and does not go through to the cavity of the fruit it will                             be judged as an official entry.

       B.  The judges reserve the right to probe cracks, holes, and to dig out soft spots to judge a fruit official or not. Before the judges can execute any of the previous they must have the grower present.

7. Any fruit that has been weighed at a previous weigh-off be it a VGVGA or independent event will not be considered for VGVGA prize money or recognition. If a sanctioned site chooses to allow previously weighed fruit that is the site’s choice.


Article III

Color Requirements and Prize Money


1. Heaviest official fruit wins all pumpkins and squash will be weighed in one category with the heaviest fruit

A.  Squash will be classified as follows-100% of the following colors or color combinations of green, blue, and gray. The surface area of the fruit as grown in the garden not including the portion that was in contact with the ground. This area will include the area between the ribs, around the stem, and the blossom end. This will not include any netting (cantaloping) or any discoloration caused by the close proximity to the ground.

B.  Pumpkins will be all fruit not classified as squash.

C.  To be eligible for additional recognition for solid color pumpkins the fruit must be 100% of the following colors or color combinations: orange, red, yellow, and salmon. The surface area will be judged by the same rule as stated in paragraph A.

D.  The VGVGA will take a stance on rewarding the solid color 100% for pumpkins and squash as defined above in order to reward the growers who preserve solid colors of fruit.

2. In the event of a tie of two or more places all entries that are tied will have the prize money for the places that are tied added together and then split equally among the places that are involved.

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