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The VGPGA is a member of the GPC (Giant Pumpkin Commonwealth), we follow their rules for weigh-offs for the most part.   Our own additional Laws are published below.

Link to the GPC Rules and Regulations.

  Our club will award a fleece jacket to any VGPGA club member that grows a 1000+ pound giant pumpkin or squash under the following conditions; the pumpkin/squash must be sound (non-DMG), if the member is an out-of-state member their 1000+ pound  entry must be weighed in at the VGPGA sponsored weigh-off, if the member is a resident of Vermont their pumpkin can be weighed in at any GPC sanctioned weigh-off.

Additional VGPGA Weigh-off rules (revised 1/23/16):
1) You must be a member to participate in the 2016 Weigh Off, you can join Vermont Giant Pumpkin Growers Association the day of the weigh-off for $25 (membership prior to weigh-off is only $20).  All participates will be eligible to receive GPC prize money.  Club prize monies go to top 20 pumpkins and top 3 squash (must be at least 250 pounds or first year grower).
2) Membership dues limit one entry of a giant pumpkin into the official weigh off for monetary awards by a grower older than 16 years of age,  one family – one membership. Younger growers may enter a pumpkin in the junior category.

The membership dues limit one additional pumpkin to be entered as an exhibition pumpkin for weighing purposes only.


 3) Membership dues enable growers less than 16 years of age to submit a pumpkin into the junior category. The junior category awards ribbons to growers in lieu of monetary awards.


4) The Howard Dill award ("best looking pumpkin award") will be choosen by the weigh-off contestants.  Each pumpkin entered (one per membership) will receive a ballot.  Ballots must be turned into the Secretary prior to 1:00PM.

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