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VGPGA Hall of Records

VGPGA weigh-off group photo.
Colchester, VT 09/17/2022

Our Annual VGPGA Weigh-off went off without a hitch and what a great day we had, beautiful sunny day. We had a last minute entry which smashed the competition. Barry LeBlanc from Merrimack, NH weighed in at 2359.5 lbs! Awesome.

New Personal bests:

Barry LeBlanc 2359.5 lbs (New Site Record)

John & Kerry Young 1680 lbs (Topsfield Fair)

Ethan Nelson 1092.5 lbs (Howard Dill Award Winner)

Aaron Messier 1041 lbs (Squash)

Jenna Baird 992 lbs.

Lauren Rolandi 518 lbs (1st yr grower)

Anson Tebbetts 299.5 lbs (1st yr grower)

Jonathan Yacko/Natalie Gilliard 143.5 lbs (1st yr growers)

Dan Kruszyna 129 lb (Marrow) New Site Record

Ron Scholtz 18' 4" sunflower - New State Record

Chris MacDonald 308 lb (Bushel Gourd) New Site Record

Chris MacDonald 20 lb (Beet Root) 1st ever entry

John and Kerry Young 7.95 lbs (Tomato) New State Record

Leif Nelson 14.5 lb (Cabbage) - junior grower

Terry Keim 29.5 lb (Long Gourd) :-)

To see photos from the weigh-off, click on this link.

Champlain Valley Fair (8/26/2022)
picture courtsy of Susan Cote

Champlain Valley Fair celebrated it's 100th birthday 8/28/2022. The night before was the heaviest pumpkin contest, won again by Kevin Companion with a 1184.5 lb wide body, Wilbur Horton took 2nd with a 1103 lbs bright orange beauty, Terry Keim took 3rd with "Little Richard", a white 517 lbs cull from the 1379 Squires.

Jan '22 VGPGA Bd meeting minutes.

VGPGA Weigh Off Results:

2022 VGPGA Pumpkins

2022 VGPGA Long Gourds

2022 VGPGA Watermelon

2022 VGPGA Squash

2022 VGPGA Field Pumpkin

2022 VGPGA Tomato

2022 VGPGA Bushel Gourds

World wide GPC
Weigh Off Results

2022 GPC Pumpkins

2022 GPC Squash

2022 GPC Long Gourds

2022 GPC Watermelons

2022 GPC Field Pumpkin

2022 GPC Tomato

2022 GPC Bushel Gourds

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