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VGPGA Hall of Records

2016 VGPGA crew
at Sam Mazza's in Colchester, 09/24/2016

    New world record pumpkin grown by Mathias Willemijns from Belgium with a wooping 2624.6 lbs!  Wow, see photo below.      
    Congratulations to Bart Toftness for capturing first place at our annual weigh-off with a 1350.5 lbs pumpkin.  Also big congrats to Wilbur Horton who squashed the state record with a 1204.5 lbs squash!  (see photo below)  John and Kerry Young also set a new record for Rutabega with a 54 lb monster.  And one more giant CONGRATS to Dan and Holly Boyce, who set a new Eastern States (BigE) record with the second largest pumpkin ever grown in Vermont, 1677 lbs!   See photo below.
      It was a great day for our VGPGA Weigh-off, we had the same number of entries that we had last year but the weight average was much higher, top five pumpkins were all over 1200 lbs and we had 10 pumpkins over 1000 lbs!
      A good year for growing, several new growers, many new personal bests and some new JACKET winners!

1677 - Dan & Holly Boyce
1297.5 - John & Kerry Young (HD Award winner)
1204.5 - Wilbur Horton (new state squash record)
1114.5 - Steve Minor (jacket winner)
1082.5 - Michael & Sharon Morrison (jacket winners)
979.5 - Rick Wasielawski
780.5 - Joel Ernstoff (new member)
750.5 - Ron Scholtz
746 - Roger Imhoff (new member)
583 - Stephen Picknell (new member)
543 - Inge & Jeff Luce
353 - Brett Wilbur (new member)
218.5 - Randall Langdell (40 sq ft patch)
196.5 - Faith Ploof (new member, 13 yrs old)
185 - Adaline Ploof (new member, 8 yrs old)
   Congratulations to everyone who got a pumpkin to the scales, regardless of the weight that is an accomplishment in it's self.  See link for pictures below.
   Thank you to all who helped out with the weigh-off, our MCs Wendy Cadieux and Gail Strange, our recorders John & Kerry Young, Holly Boyce and Ann Squires, and especially the lifting crew; Huey Cadieux, Bill Erskine, Wilbur Horton, Mike Strange, Zoey Cole and Andrew & Parker Young.

Link to our 2016 auction on-line seed auction hosted on BigPumpkins:

2016 Winter Meeting minutes (best viewed with Google Chrome)

Link to the minutes of the summer meeting.

Photos from Champlain Valley Fair.

Photos from the 2016 weigh-off

New World Record, 2624.6 lbs
Mathias Willemijns from Belgium

Eastern States Expo- New BigE Record 1677lbs.
September 22th, 2016 - Dan & Holly Boyce

Vermont State Record Squash - 1204.5 lbs
Grown by Wilbur Horton from Springfield, VT - 2016

9/24/2016 - John & Kerry Young - Jericho, VT
NEW Vermont State Record - 54 lb Rutabega

2016 VGPGA Pumpkins

2016 VGPGA Squash

2016 VGPGA Long Gourds

2016 VGPGA Watermelon

2016 VGPGA Field Pumpkin

2016 VGPGA Tomato

Board of Directors and Committee Chairs:

President: Terry Keim
Membership/Treasurer: Ann Squires 
Secretary: Kerry Young
Seed Swap: Dan and Holly Boyce
Newsletter: Dan Boyce
Weigh off Site Coordinator: Kevin Companion
WebMaster: Terry Keim
Seed Auction: John Young

Board of Directors: Kevin Companion,  Dan Boyce, Terry Keim, Kerry Young and Ann Squires.

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Retrofitted in 2011!