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Questions and/or comments - please email VGPGA at  You may also use the form at the bottom of the page.  Then we can add you to the email list. This will alow us to alert you of coming events and other important club info.  Your emails will be kept totaly confidential.  Dont forget to share your ideas on the web site!

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2010 Williston Town Parade

Wilbur Horton's 1134 pound beauty (2007)

VGPGA Weigh Off Results:

2020 VGPGA Pumpkins

2020 VGPGA Long Gourds

2020 VGPGA Watermelon

2020 VGPGA Squash

2020 VGPGA Field Pumpkin

2020 VGPGA Tomato

2020 VGPGA Bushel Gourds

World wide GPC
Weigh Off Results

2020 GPC Pumpkins

2020 GPC Squash

2020 GPC Long Gourds

2020 GPC Watermelons

2020 GPC Field Pumpkin

2020 GPC Tomato

2020 GPC Bushel Gourds

Board of Directors and Committee Chairs:

President: Ron Scholtz

Membership/Treasurer: Ann Squires 

Secretary: Holly Boyce

Seed Swap: Dan and Holly Boyce

Newsletter: Terry Keim

Weigh off Site Coordinator: Kevin Companion

WebMaster: Terry Keim

Seed Auction: John Young


Board of Directors: Kevin Companion,  Holly Boyce, Terry Keim, Ron Scholtz and Ann Squires.


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