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VGPGA weigh-off group photo.
Colchester, VT 09/21/2018

        Our annual club weigh-off was held on Saturday September 22, 2018 at Sam Mazza's Farmstand in Colchester, We had a great turn out and some HUGE pumpkins!  Top ten pumpkins were all over 1,000 lbs.   The winner was Kevin Companion with a new personal best and new site record 1677 lbs!  Other growers with personal best were:
Chad Tucker  : 1577 lbs
Wayne Seelow  :  1338 lbs
Ron Schultz   :  1138 lbs (first 1K)
Eric Hull   :    837 lbs
Aaron Messier  :  831 lbs
Lisa Gates   :   821 lbs  (1st yr grower)
Steve Picknell   :  653 lbs
Ralph Bell  :  631 lbs (1st yr grower)
Jenna Baird   :  631 lbs (1st weigh-off)
Mike & Gail Strange  :   605 lbs
Paul Wright   :  585 lbs (1st weigh-off)
Mike Haseck   : 290 lbs
   Nice work everyone!  Also Mike Cole grew a new Vermont State Record 205 lbs Bushel Gourd.  Check out links below for all the details.   Also link to news story of Vermont's First One Ton Pumpkin!

Link to photos from 2018 VGPGA weigh-off

Link to results, scroll down and find United States - Vermont

Channel 44 FOX News story on Boyce's 2000 monster.

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2018 VGPGA Bushel Gourds

Board of Directors and Committee Chairs:

President: Dan Boyce
Membership/Treasurer: Ann Squires 
Secretary: Kerry Young
Seed Swap: Dan and Holly Boyce
Newsletter: Terry Keim
Weigh off Site Coordinator: Kevin Companion
WebMaster: Terry Keim
Seed Auction: Dan Boyce and John Young

Board of Directors: Kevin Companion,  Dan Boyce, Terry Keim, Kerry Young and Ann Squires.

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