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VGPGA Hall of Records

    2015 was a great growing season.  And what a beautiful day we had at our VGPGA weigh-off at Sam Mazza's Farmstand in Colchester.  (See new photo album below) We had a record 37 pumpkin/squash weighed.  Several personal bests were grown:
Wilbur Horton - 1438 lbs
Dale Duffy - 1339 lbs (dmg)
Peter Jones - 937 lbs
Craig Stromback - 885 lbs (Jr. Grower)
Eric Hull - 828 lbs
Jim Morgan - 718 lbs (Howard Dill Award winner)
Bill Erskine - 639 lbs
Rick Wasielewski - 629 lbs (1st yr grower)
Brian Crosby - 541 lbs
Erik Sorensen - 358 (1st yr grower)
Wilbur Horton took top pumpkin honors with his 1438 pound giant, Wilbur also won the field pumpkin (101 lbs) and long gourd (110.5")categories, as well as set a state record with a "fig leaf gourd" (8 lbs.) and brought the largest marrow at 49 lbs.   Wilbur rules.
Brian Crosby brought a couple monster watermelons, he smashed the Vermont State record with his 164 pounder, then broke his own record with a 165 lb lunker.
Mike Cole won the tomato category (4.18 lbs) as well as brought the largest rutebega (30 lbs). 
Dan and Holly Boyce took top honors in the squash category at 554 lbs.
John and Kerry Young raised the bar for state record with a 23 pound cabbage.
Thanks to all the volunteers who helped out with the weigh-off!  Couldn't do it with out you.

Photos from the 2015 VGPGA Weigh-off.

Our very own Steve Minor on "Across the Fence", video on growing Giant Pumpkins (8/31/2015).

Click here to see photos from the CV Fair

2015 VGPGA crew
at Sam Mazza's in Colchester, 09/26/2015

Annual On-Line Seed Auction,
held January 3 - 11th, 2015.

   Once again our On-line seed auction was a great success!    Thanks to all the growers who donated seeds and all the bidders who participated.   Many thanks to Steve Minor, Ann Squires, Randy Stromback, Brent Towne, John Young and Terry Keim for setting up and working the auction.   Special thanks to Ann for organizing and sending out all the seeds.  

Results from 2015 On-line seed auction.

Annual Winter Meeting held in Barre, VT at the Comfort Inn on Saturday February 21st, 2015.

click here to view "2015 VGPGA Winter Meeting Minutes" (pdf file).

Annual Summer BBQ and Patch Tour held at the Cadieuxs in Poultney, VT on Sunday August 9th, 2015.

click here to download Summer BBQ Minutes (pdf file).

click here to download Board Meeting Minutes (pdf file)

2015 VGPGA Pumpkins

2015 VGPGA Long Gourds

2015 VGPGA Watermelon

2015 VGPGA Squash

2015 VGPGA Field Pumpkin

2015 VGPGA Tomato

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